At Ramola London Jewellery we put confidence and self-love first. As a jewellery brand I want every single person to see themselves represented. The same way I want to see myself represented by other brands.

This page is dedicated to the 'Muses' of Ramola London Jewellery, they have allowed me to use their beauty to model my jewellery. I will be forever thankful.


Real people, still figuring things out. Real people, who inspire me every single day. Real people, with insecurities. Real people, who have challenged themselves to step in front of the camera.

If you would like to model for Ramola London Jewellery, or you would like to nominate someone who you think would be perfect please fill out the contact form, or give us a message on any of our socials. 

Thank you to my beautiful Muses, who help make all of this possible. 



Ravisha's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery


"Modelling for Ramola London was one of the best choices I have made. The photo shoot made me feel so empowered. I felt confident with myself in front of the camera. The shoot was fun and equally professional. With direction from the Priya, I was able to try out different poses that worked well with the jewellery I was modelling for although I was still nervous being in front of the camera. As the shoot progressed I was able to move into various poses without hesitation. I felt so natural in front of the camera which was one thing I was scared would not happen. Actually, I did not feel insecure at any point. As the shoot came to an end, I couldn’t wait for the final outcome! I’m glad I made the decision to step in front of the camera. I felt the happiest."

Rebecca's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery


"When Priya asked me if I would model for her, I questioned it. I didn’t have the confidence or felt I was photogenic. When the day came, I was nervous that the photoshoot wasn’t going to be good enough for her gorgeous collection. However, once we got started she made it feel easy and I started feeling comfortable in my skin. She got me to do all different poses and it made me feel confident and I enjoyed every moment of it!"

Jackie's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery


"When Priya asked me to be one of her models for Ramola, I was initially reluctant. Partially because I’ve never modelled before and I thought to myself that I wasn’t beautiful enough. However, as soon as Priya got the camera out, the nerves disappeared and I felt so confident. She was so encouraging and we had a great time. I was so pleased after seeing the final shots, I felt and looked so great and couldn’t wait to show my friends and family."



"I thoroughly enjoyed my modelling experience for Ramola London. At first I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the shoot because of my anxiety, but I pushed myself to step outside my comfort zone. The shoot was really fun and relaxed, I am so glad that I was able to do it. With Priya’s constant guidance and assurance I was able to enjoy myself during the process even though I felt insecure, she always made me feel so comfortable. Every single piece of jewellery I modelled for Ramola was beautiful, overall I had an amazing experience and gained a lot of confidence."

Roshni's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery


"Modelling for Ramola London was an incredible experience, Priya made me feel so at ease the whole way through. As I am quite an anxious and insecure person I was so happy at how confident I was throughout the shoot and proved myself I can do it. I felt like a strong, independent woman. Overall it was such a fun and chilled photo shoot and on top of that I was modelling some of the most beautiful jewellery. Priya’s attention to detail you cannot fault as the pictures turned out amazing! I am so grateful for this opportunity, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, thank you Priya!"

Ali's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery


"During the entire photo shoot for Ramola, Priya was an absolute legend. I could not have asked for a better D.O.P. She made us feel comfortable and relaxed, whilst guiding us expertly through the process to get the best results out of us. When I finally saw the results, I was amazed...she really has an incredible eye for detail, and helped us look our best. Her jewellery is stunning as well. All in all, a great day out, thank you Priya."

Harriet's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery




Sophie's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery


"Modelling for Ramola London was so much more that a photoshoot. Priya has an incredible way of empowering everyone she shots and how can you not feel unstoppable in the stunning jewellery from Ramola London? Priya radiates beauty, passion and creativity from behind the camera and captures it in the reflection."

Effie's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery


"Modelling for Ramola was a joy from start to finish! Any nerves are fast forgotten when Priya is behind the camera hyping you up and creating genuine smiles and expressions through her absolutely infectious demeanour. Not only was Priya the dream photographer, the dream team continued through to the make up artists and hair stylist. Everyone on set was so encouraging and it was such an empowering day!"

Aiyeesha's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery




Gus's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery




Sade's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery




Sophie's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery


"When Priya proposed her idea I was so excited to work with her and the others but also really nervous. Having my picture taken isn’t really my thing and I had never done anything like this before! We had such a laugh on the shoot, it was so relaxed and everyone made each other feel good. Priya was so professional and made everyone feel at ease. Her direction bought her vision to life and I’m so proud of Priya"

Megan's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery


"Anyone who knows Priya personally, will know that ‘no’ is not in her vocabulary. I was a little nervous when I arrived at her house expecting to go for drinks and she whipped out a camera but Priya soon made me feel relaxed, comfortable and like a BO$$ B**CH. The photos turned out beautifully and her jewellery (as always) looks incredible. Anyone who is lucky enough to model for Ramola should grab the opportunity and enjoy spending time with the real MVP herself. All hail queen Pri!"

Zeeba's Photoshoot testimonial with Ramola London Jewellery