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So, you may not know but I am based in Croydon. I have grown up in and around Croydon my entire life and now I live right by East Croydon station.

Fun fact, I used to work in Build-A-Bear in Centrale for the majority of my teens. I don't even think Build-A-Bear exists in Centrale anymore? Well, I guess this was all back when Croydon town centre was buzzing. With people packing out Whitgift, Allders, Debenhams and Centrale and the dwindling hopes of the 'Croydon Westfield' getting built which was rumour I'd been hearing since school.

For a small-ish town, Croydon had it going on.

However, that has all changed now. Croydon has a very limited high street selection, the high street shops just didn't have the foot traffic or enough money for the ever increasing rent to survive. Loads of people decided online was the way to go for new businesses. Although, I myself am an online business - I do have hopes that the Croydon high street will replenish itself. Mainly because Croydon talent truly is the best.

Croydon is my home and Croydon is a hub of creativity. With people who need support and places to shine. People like Maddy at East Croydon Cool, keep everyone up to date with what is going on in town and events where people can network their business and keep the culture alive.

Which is why I'm so happy to be a part of the East Croydon Cool's People List. I would love it if everyone could take a read of the page and like or share all these wonderful Croydon businesses.

We can support each other. We will get through it all.

Lots of love,



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