Meet the Maker

Hello, I'm Priya.

(Kidding, I would never actually start a blog post like that! Or would I?)

Seeing as though I only started using Instagram at its full potential after March 15th. I missed the wonderful IG crafts challenge #marchmeetthemaker. For those of you who don't know, it's a way for crafts-y people, to help see the person behind the art, also some behind the scenes.

If you were to meet me a year ago, I would've introduced myself as 'Priya, I work in Finance.' However, if you were one of the lucky ones who met me networking at the No Bull Business School Live Panel 02.04.19. I introduced myself as 'Priya, Owner of Ramola London Jewellery!' Errr...*record scratch*...How weird is that?!

I'll be the first to admit that I never really set out with the intention of officially owning a jewellery start-up. Truthfully, I started because I kept seeing these beautifully dainty handmade necklaces out there, and I thought, I could make that. I'm sure of it.

I researched (a little) and spontaneously bought some chain, some pendants I liked, some jumps, some clasps and a cheap plier tool set from Amazon - £6.99 for 8 pieces. They were amazing, I still use some of them now! -I would put the link in, but they don't exist anymore. I'm sure if you delve deep enough into the dark and scary pits of Amazon, you'll surely find something similar.

Lo and behold, I really really loved making jewellery. It gave me something creative to focus on, which I had secretly been craving for a very long time. My anxiety, was at all time low. I felt as if I had purpose, yet I was calm and content. Something that sufferers can only dream of at the best of times.

That spontaneous purchase had turned into designing and creating more and more handmade jewellery. So, naturally I built a website, I made an at home photography studio, I created socials and I held a soft launch for friends and family to inform them of my crazy new venture, Ramola. If you didn't know already, Ramola (pronounced ram-oh-la), is named after one of the most BADA$$ women I know, my Nanny.

At the soft launch in November 2018, I released a full collection. Each piece of jewellery being an anagram of a family member or friend's name. Super sweet right?! So, I guess I would say, even though Ramola is a brand, it's still very much personal, in every single way. I love being able to say to someone, 'Oh by the way, one of the bracelets in my next collection is named after you!'. I plan to carry out that tradition throughout the future of Ramola. Does that mean I need to make more friends? If so, hit me up.

I hope you enjoyed reading a teeny tiny version about how & why I started.

Priya @ Ramola London Jewellery

Stay tuned, Instagram: @Ramolalondon


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