Ravisha - Sassy Student Nurse


"Modelling for Ramola London was one of the best choices I have made. The photo shoot made me feel so empowered. I felt confident with myself in front of the camera. The shoot was fun and equally professional. With direction from the Priya, I was able to try out different poses that worked well with the jewellery I was modelling for although I was still nervous being in front of the camera. As the shoot progressed I was able to move into various poses without hesitation. I felt so natural in front of the camera which was one thing I was scared would not happen. Actually, I did not feel insecure at any point. As the shoot came to an end, I couldn’t wait for the final outcome! I’m glad I made the decision to step in front of the camera. I felt the happiest."

Becca - Killer Business Woman

"When Priya asked me if I would model for her, I questioned it. I didn’t have the confidence or felt I was photogenic. When the day came, I was nervous that the photoshoot wasn’t going to be good enough for her gorgeous collection. However, once we got started she made it feel easy and I started feeling comfortable in my skin. She got me to do all different poses and it made me feel confident and I enjoyed every moment of it!"

Jackie - Fierce City Worker

"When Priya asked me to be one of her models for Ramola, I was initially reluctant. Partially because I’ve never modelled before and I thought to myself that I wasn’t beautiful enough. However, as soon as Priya got the camera out, the nerves disappeared and I felt so confident. She was so encouraging and we had a great time. I was so pleased after seeing the final shots, I felt and looked so great and couldn’t wait to show my friends and family."

Alisha - Gap Yaar Babes 

I thoroughly enjoyed my modelling experience for Ramola London. At first I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the shoot because of my anxiety, but I pushed myself to step outside my comfort zone. The shoot was really fun and relaxed, I am so glad that I was able to do it. With Priya’s constant guidance and assurance I was able to enjoy myself during the process even though I felt insecure, she always made me feel so comfortable. Every single piece of jewellery I modelled for Ramola was beautiful, overall I had an amazing experience and gained a lot of confidence.

Roshni - Beaut Trainee Accountant