Terms & Conditions 

  • Brand Ambassadors are only paid on completed transactions made through our website using their personalised code.

  • Personalised codes provide referred customers with a 10% discount on their order. This is to be communicated to referred customers.

  • Brand Ambassadors will be paid 10% commission on the complete order value of transactions made using their personalised code.

  • It is the responsibility of Brand Ambassadors to advise referred customers to include their personalised code in the coupon field. Any codes incorrectly entered are not applicable for commission.

  • Brand Ambassadors are encouraged to use images from our website/Instagram/Facebook to promote their referral code but are asked to tag us and direct referral customers to our website www.ramolalondon.com.

  • Brand Ambassadors are allowed to also benefit from 10% off using their code and we encourage you to promote Jewels by House of Aria using your own purchases too. They will also get first pick of all new products if they wish to, this must be discussed with Ramola before the release of a new collection.

  • Brand Ambassadors do not earn commission on their own purchases.

  • Brand Ambassadors are not to falsely claim that Ramola, Ramola London Jewellery is their business.

  • Brand Ambassadors are to write to us if they would like to opt out of the agreement, after which any outstanding commission will be paid, commission on any purchases after the opt out date will not be applicable.

  • Referred customers are not to be misinformed about our products, service, or delivery.

  • Brand Ambassadors are encouraged to promote their referral code and our jewellery through all social media platforms, word of mouth, friends and family.

  • Once referred customers have made their purchase, it is then the responsibility of Ramola, Ramola London Jewellery to complete and process the order, and deal with any queries or exchanges.

  • Any exchanges will not impact Brand Ambassadors commission. However, refunds will. The customer has 14 days to process a refund. 

  • Any aftersales care for referred customers should be handled by Ramola, Ramola London Jewellery not Brand Ambassadors. If Brand Ambassadors are contacted for any aftersales care, they should advise Ramola, Ramola London Jewellery and redirect customers to us through any social channels.

  • Ramola, Ramola London Jewellery are able to conclude/make small changes to the Work with Us scheme at any point. 

  • If at any time Brand Ambassadors break the above Terms and Conditions, Ramola, Ramola London Jewellery are entitled to terminate the relationship. On termination any outstanding commission will be paid and no further commission will be applicable.

If you would like to join, simply complete the details below including where you would like to receive your quarterly commission and confirm that you agree to the Terms & Conditions above. Once you do we will send your personalised code to you so you can begin earning.  We are look forward to working with you.

Work With Us Scheme 

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